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Lunch Today: Grilled Shrimp Sugarcane Skewers at Xe Lua

So the real name of this dish on the Vietnamese restaurant Xe Lua is Banh Hoi Salad Voi Chao Tom Nuong ($12). If that doesn't quite roll off the tongue, how about this: finely ground spiced shrimp wrapped around sugar cane and cooked on the grill. It's served with little nests of rice noodles, herbs and pickled vegetables, rice paper sheets which you soften in a bowl of hot water, and lettuce. It's a slightly ridiculous table-hogging assortment of food, but it's also one of the best renditions of Vietnamese sugar cane skewered meat I've had in New York. More

Beyond Soup Dumplings: Shanghai Cafe Deluxe's Tasty Dumplings in Soup

We're soup dumpling-mad. When we go to a Shanghai-style Chinese restaurant, all too often we order soup dumplings, perhaps before we even sit down. But sometimes it pays to slow down and pay attention to the rest of the dumpling menu. On a recent visit to the excellent Shanghai Café Deluxe, our eyes lit on something called rice ball with pork in soup ($3.95). What a novel idea—dumplings in soup, rather than dumplings with soup inside them. More

Bronx Eats: West African Chu Yap and Bouey at Fouta, Soundview

Immigrants from Ghana dominate the Bronx's West African diaspora, which is reflected in the overwhelming bent towards the country's cuisine among African restaurants in the borough. But as often as not, transplants from neighboring nations can be found working at these largely Ashanti-owned dinners, welcomed into the fold by a sense of transnational community. A few stars representing the region's other traditions, have joined ranks of the Bronx's fufu slingers. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Jesse Schenker's Hell's Kitchen

Jesse Schenker is a classically-trained French chef with a mean air guitar and an armful of heavy metal tattoos. That dichotomy characterizes the 29-year old Gordon Ramsay protégé, who has made a name for himself by taking high end risks like opening a private dining club in Harlem and making it public in 2010, moving Recette to the West Village. Today, Jesse has moved on from Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen and into his own, bringing his brand of cool to a neighborhood that has long deserved a second chance. More

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

To celebrate National Burger Month, we're teaming up with famed New York City meat purveyor (and current stars of Food Network's Meat Men) Pat LaFrieda to give away a case of "AHT blend" burger patties (24 per case) each week for four weeks. Patties will be shipped fresh anywhere in the U.S. (sorry, international readers!), perfect for throwing a giant burger party or for cooking burger-centric meals at home. To enter this week's contest, just tell us in the comments section: What's your best burger memory? More

More Sips from the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

The festive opening night Gala that kicks off the Manhattan Cocktail Classic may be the biggest event in the MCC schedule, but the week offered tons of other opportunities to celebrate cocktails—seminars, dinners, and parties galore. In fact, these smaller-scale events impressed us even more than the grand Gala—it's great to get a chance to focus on just a few well-crafted cocktails, get to know a new spirit or drink-making technique, and enjoy a look behind the scenes without struggling against huge crowds. Here are a few snapshots from the highlights of our MCC week. More

Food Artisans: First Field

When Theresa Viggiano and Patrick Leger of First Field had a bumper crop of tomatoes at her New Jersey farm a few years ago, she started experimenting with preserving, with the thought of making a product they could sell at the farmstand she maintained at the end of her driveway. "Everyone seemed to be doing tomato sauces," Leger says, "We thought, why not do ketchup?" More

Win Two Tickets to the Wellness in the Schools Rooftop Benefit Tuesday, May 22nd

Wellness in the Schools is an awesome program with a simple goal: make sure New York kids get a healthy school lunch made with real food. They'll be hosting a fundraiser next Tuesday on the Tribeca Rooftop with bites from a great line up of New York restaurants, including Craft, Egg, Gramercy Tavern, Hearth, Tertulia, and Telepan—and we're giving away two tickets. More

Mexican Eats: Carrera's Taqueria in Bushwick

As local Mexican businesses go, the Zafra and Carrera families are moguls. This year, they opened a taqueria, Carrera's, in Bushwick, a natural extension of their businesses, selling Mexican products to local bodegas and high end restaurants. It's a cozy respite on a gritty stretch of Flushing Avenue where trucks blast down the thoroughfare. More

Video: Behind the Cote de Boeuf at Abe & Arthur's

Let's preemptively kick off the summer with a mouthwatering inspiration known as the cote de boeuf. A lot of love (and butter) goes into the 40 ounce ribeye, and we're all the happier for it. It's admittedly not standard Memorial Day weekend barbecue fare—it's aged for 28 days and is cooked in four stages: in an infrared 1,700 °F salamander, a regular oven, and a clarified butter bath. More

We Chat With: Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax

For the hour and a half we chat with Dave Arnold at Booker and Dax, the bar adjacent to Momofuku Ssam Bar that showcases Arnold's meticulously crafted cocktails, a centrifuge spins and some sort of extraction machine bubbles away. Tools clink and whirl, and occasionally Arnold puts a refractometer up to his eye. Yet Arnold insists what he's doing is not science; "really, it's just cooking". During our time together, Arnold builds some shockingly delicious cocktails, brainstorms with his staff about new ones, and spells out what this whole "modernist cuisine" thing actually means for us serious eaters. More

Sugar Rush: NY Malassadas at ChikaLicious

Dessert Club ChikaLicious recently introduced a ton of new desserts and we'll be sure to eat them all eventually. But let's kick off Monday afternoon with these NY Malassadas ($4.95). Malassadas may as well be the Hawai'i state dessert, so you can bet I was over the top thrilled to see these on the menu. More

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